Check here for a calendar of events around the lake:

    May 28
    Memorial Day

    July 7
    Over The Water

    September 3
    Labor Day

    Oct 5-6-7
    Muskie Tournament








    All dogs are welcomed with proper immunization records. There is a $10.00 a night charge for each dog that you bring, with a minimum pet fee of $20.00. Dogs must be registered at the office and MUST be on a leash while outside on resort property. (If you do not have a leash, you can borrow one from the office.) Dogs are NOT to be left loose and unattended in or out of your room.  If you plan on leaving your dog alone in your room at any time, it MUST be in a kennel. Dogs are not allowed on the pool deck. Please clean up after your pets and dispose of their waste in an appropriate manner.