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    You may inquire about our property by phone, online or email, however all reservations must be made over the phone.  A deposit is required to confirm a reservation.   There is a 2 night stay minimum (unless we approve an exception during low occupancy).  Weekends require Friday and Saturday night stay.  Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day require a minimum 3 night stay. No exceptions!


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    Check-in 3:00 PM   Check-out - 11:00 AM

    2021 ROOM RATES
    UNITS 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

    1 to 2 ppl  $100.00 per night    w/tax  $106.23
     3 ppl

     $100.00 per night  w/ tax $116.85

    4 ppl  $120.00 per night  w/tax  $127.47
    5 ppl  $130.00 per night w/tax  $ 138.10

    UNITS 9&10 11&12
    1-2 ppl

      $135.00 per night  w/tax $143.40

    3 ppl 

     $145.00 per night  w/tax $154.03

    4 ppl

     $155.00 per night w/tax $ 164.65

    5 ppl

     $165.00 per night w/tax $175.27

    6 ppl

     $175.00 per night w/tax $185.89

    7 ppl

     $185.00 per night w/tax $196.52

    8 ppl

     $195.00 per night  w/tax $207.14

    9 ppl

     $205.00 per night w/tax $217.76

    10 ppl

     $215.00 per night w/tax $228.38



    Sorry No Pets


    If you have family or friends living or staying in the area who will be visiting you at our resort and will be using resort facilities
    (i.e.: pool, playground, dock, etc.)
     we ask that you notify us in advance.  There will be a $5 per guest per day charge for each “Day Guest” that visits you.

    Memorial Day – July 4th – Labor Day


    One night stays available on a limited basis and are charged at a rate of a two night stay.
     Small unit rate is $136.00 w/tax $149.78
    A large unit will be assessed at the rate of  $133.21 x 2 = $266.42

    Check in time 3 PM   Check out time  11AM







    To hold reservations we must have either a credit card number (Visa, Master-Card or Discover) or a cash deposit in the amount of one-half the total for the nights reserved.  Cancellations require a minimum 10 day notice. Failure to comply will result in a charge equal to the number of nights reserved.